It’s been a long time ever since I wrote in here. I have been so busy because this is my last year in university and I finally found the drive to end this. I have been putting it on hold for a while but I feel now that this is the year. I’m not getting any younger and I know things will be easier if I have my degree completed.

*Fingers crossed*



Socially awkward

I am that type of person who says ‘you’re welcome’ when no one told me ‘thank you’. Yeah that creates some socially awkward moments. I just don’t know what happens to me. Around my closest friends I am the most articulated person but when it comes to speaking with someone who is a stranger to me I end up blurting the most stupid things you could imagine. 

I wonder how many people have thought I was the weirdest girl they have ever met. Oh well…


Emotional Eater

Today I realised I am an emotional eater and that is probably why I can’t lose the amount of weight I want to. Whenever I feel stressed out I resort to food to feel safe. The problem is that I don’t resort to healthy snacks. I need food that makes me feel stuffed. I always end up more stressed and just overall guilty. 

Have you ever felt like this? What have you done to get better?Image

The TalkPsoriasis Support Community

Hello everyone. 

I think today was the hottest day of the year here in Madeira Island. It’s crazy hot and all I want to do is scream because I really dislike hot weather. 

Anyway today I am going to share this platform where you can discuss and share everything about your psoriasis. It’s on the Inspire website and I leave the link for the forum:

Giving up

Lately I have been thinking about giving up something I have been doing for almost six years but that never made me happy. The problem is that it’s so close to an end but I have no strength or will to carry on. 

Is giving up a sign that I am coward or that I am brave enough to let go? I have no idea what to do.